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Center Survey on Pay Equity Practices Finds Increasing Focus on Transparency, Communication

March 27, 2021 [Center News Story]

The Center has completed a survey, at a Subscriber’s request, exploring how companies …

Clawback Provisions Challenging to Exercise

March 27, 2021 [Center News Story]

Nearly all S&P 500 companies have now implemented a clawback clause of some sort. While …

How to Assess Readiness of D&I Metrics in Incentive Plans: A Decision Tree

March 27, 2021 [Center News Story]

The Center’s most recent survey on the topic showed that almost half of Subscribers either …

Proxy Season 2021 Shows Uneven Reactions to COVID-19 Compensation Decisions

March 27, 2021 [Center News Story]

As the 2021 proxy season begins in earnest, we are able to analyze the first large-scale …

BlackRock 2021 Engagement Priorities to Include Human Capital Management, Culture, Climate

March 20, 2021 [Center News Story]

BlackRock has released its top engagement priorities for 2021, building on its previously …

Congress Demands Investment Firms, Private Equity Disclose Diversity Data

March 20, 2021 [Center News Story]

House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters (D – CA) created the …