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In 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission issued a Concept Release on the U.S. Proxy Plumbing System which included an discussion on the conflicts of interest inherent in the proxy advisory firm industry.

Only six S&P 500 companies failed to receive majority support for their say on pay proposals in 2013. This number represents a 40% drop over 2012 say on pay results.

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ISS Equity Plan Verification Portal May Be Precursor to Renewed Focus on Stock Plans

August 14, 2014 [Center News Story]

Stating that it is part of ISS’s “commitment to advancing the level of transparency and …

Council of Institutional Investors Calls for "Long-Term" Time Horizon for Dodd Frank Pay for Performance Disclosure

August 7, 2014 [Center News Story]

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Eight S&P 500 Companies Report Say on Pay Results

August 7, 2014 [Center News Story]

Eight more S&P 500 companies reported say on pay results since the Center's last update …

Annual CEO Pay Review Recognizes Market Premium for Outside Talent

July 31, 2014 [Center News Story]

The Minneapolis Star Tribune released its annual CEO pay review this week offering a …

In the Wake of the SEC's Guidance, Observers Warn of "Expectations Gap" in Proxy Advisor Regulation, Suggest Steps for Investors

July 31, 2014 [Center News Story]

The SEC's recent guidance on proxy advisory firms earned the Commission significant praise, …