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Lobbying and Political Spending Disclosure Shareholder proposals remain the most popular ESG proposal among S&P 500 companies.

In 2015, nearly four of five S&P 500 companies received shareholder support for their say on pay proposals which exceeded 90%. Nine of ten companies received support exceeding 80%.

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Senator Threatens to Tie Up Senate Vote on SEC Nominees Over Executive Pay, Share Buybacks

December 9, 2017 [Center News Story]

With the nominees for SEC Commissioner awaiting a full Senate vote after unanimous …

Proposed UK Regulations Would Require 5-year Equity Holding Periods, 9-Year Director Terms

December 9, 2017 [Center News Story]

This week, the UK Financial Reporting Council proposed significant changes to the UK …

Gender Diversity, Board Evaluations Top 2017 Proxy Governance Trends

December 9, 2017 [Center News Story]

Following on last week's roundup of proxy statement reviews and recommendations for 2018, …

Glass Lewis Releases 2018 Voting Policies; Will Increase Focus on Board Diversity Going Forward

December 2, 2017 [Center News Story]

Beginning in 2019, Glass Lewis will recommend voting against the nominating committee chair …

Wachtell, CamberView Offer Suggestions for Disclosure Improvements for 2018 Proxy Season

December 2, 2017 [Center News Story]

With the 2018 proxy season and the first pay ratio disclosures quickly approaching, two …

Harvard Report on Human Capital Metrics Disclosures Gives Insight into Current Use, Future Push on Corporate Disclosures

December 2, 2017 [Center News Story]

Noting that “[t]raditional measures of organizational value and social impact are no longer …