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Since 2010 there have been only 15 pay ratio related shareholder proposals. These proposals have averaged over 93% shareholder opposition with no single proposal receiving over 10% support.

According to Center data, nearly one in five S&P 500 companies included either a realized pay or realizable pay disclosure as a supplement to the summary compensation table.

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Center Launches Guide to Shareholder Activism as Third Point Launches MultiMedia Campaign Against Dow Chemical

November 15, 2014 [Center News Story]

In the latest example of aggressive shareholder activism, Dan Loeb’s Third Point has …

SEC Chair Defends Rulemaking Record Days After Article Criticizes Lack of Clawback Rule; Remaining Rules to Be Addressed "By Early Next Year"

November 14, 2014 [Center News Story]

A day after the New York Times’ Gretchen Morgenson criticized the SEC in a column for not …

Academic Study Questions Independence of Management Comp Consultants; Faults for Rise in CEO Pay

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There has been significant press recently, including a piece in this week’s New York Times’ …

Republican Control of Senate Means Opportunities, Challenges for Compensation and Governance Issues

November 7, 2014 [Center News Story]

 The GOP takeover of the Senate in this week's election means the potential to …

ISS Final 2015 Voting Policy Release Leaves Questions Unanswered

November 7, 2014 [Center News Story]

ISS released its updated 2015 policy guidelines on compensation this week, finalizing the …

Glass Lewis 2015 Policy Update Takes a Hard Look at "One-Off Awards"

November 7, 2014 [Center News Story]

Glass Lewis very quietly released its 2015 policy guidelines this week, to very little, if …