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The Commissioner of the SEC sets the agency's rulemaking agenda and can prioritize certain items over others.

Lobbying and Political Spending Disclosure Shareholder proposals remain the most popular ESG proposal among S&P 500 companies.

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Amazon, Facebook Pay Ratios Make Headlines as S&P 500 Pay Ratio Filing Pace Begins to Slow

April 21, 2018 [Center News Story]

Proxy statement filing season for the S&P 500 has hit its crescendo as and the number of …

Unilever Under Fire From Proxy Advisors on Streamlined Pay Structure

April 21, 2018 [Center News Story]

Two proxy advisors have raised concerns over consumer goods giant Unilever in advance of the …

Netflix Hit with Shareholder Suit Alleging “Rigged” Executive Bonus Targets

April 21, 2018 [Center News Story]

In a new shareholder derivative suit unveiled this week, several Netflix executives – but …

Investors Highlight Need for Simplification of Executive Pay at CII Roundtable

April 21, 2018 [Center News Story]

Pay magnitude, design, complexity and disclosure were discussed at a recent Council of …

Media Outlets Launch Pay Ratio "Check Your Pay" Tools; More WSJ Analysis of Peer Pay Ratios, Noteworthy Disclosures from S&P 500 Companies

April 14, 2018 [Center News Story]

With more than 329 pay ratio disclosures to date, the format and content of S&P 500 …

Center's Ani Huang Featured in Bloomberg Law Blog, "The Importance of Performance in Say on Pay"

April 14, 2018 [Center News Story]

Companies should "prioritize direct engagement with shareholders on the issues that matter …