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The Commissioner of the SEC sets the agency's rulemaking agenda and can prioritize certain items over others.

In 2015, no company with Summary Compensation Table CEO Pay which was less than $15M failed their Say on Pay vote.

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FMC Corp Stumbles to Year's First Failure, Citigroup Survives, 32 Other S&P 500 Companies Report Majority Votes

April 30, 2016 [Center News Story]

This week, an additional 34 S&P 500 companies reported say on pay results, with FMC Corp …

Center Fact Sheet Summarizes Re-Proposed Dodd-Frank 956 Incentive Comp Rules; Subscriber Discussion Call May 26

April 30, 2016 [Center News Story]

The Center On Executive Compensation will host a Subscriber discussion call on Thursday, May …

Clients Want Fund Managers to Crack Down on CEO Pay, Says New Poll

April 30, 2016 [Center News Story]

Individual investors with money in big funds want those funds to challenge CEO pay, …

Analysis of Recent ISS Report on Pay of Combined CEO/Chair Roles Chairs Finds Several Flaws

April 23, 2016 [Center News Story]

In scrutinizing last month’s ISS report concluding that CEO compensation is impacted by a …

As the 2016 Proxy Season Prepares to Launch, 19 New S&P 500 Companies Report Passing Say on Pay Results

April 23, 2016 [Center News Story]

Since the Center's last update, 19 S&P 500 companies have posted say on pay results …

In Wake of Valeant Meltdown, Broad Criticisms of Executive Pay and Governance Practices Abound

April 23, 2016 [Center News Story]

Despite several theories regarding the reasons for Valeant Pharmaceuticals' sharp decline in …