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Lobbying and Political Spending Disclosure Shareholder proposals remain the most popular ESG proposal among S&P 500 companies.

In 2015, no company with Summary Compensation Table CEO Pay which was less than $15M failed their Say on Pay vote.

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Wells Fargo Senate Hearing Puts Regulators, Oversight Expansion at Center of Political Storm

September 23, 2016 [Center News Story]

Although the majority of reporting on this week’s Senate Banking Committee hearing on the …

Exec Comp Panel Forecasts Trends, Regulatory, and Legislative Outlook in Election Year

September 17, 2016 [Center News Story]

Capping the morning public policy deep-dive session, the Association’s Center On Executive …

Measure to Repeal Pay Ratio, Impose New Regulations on Proxy Advisory Firms Advances Out of House Financial Services Committee

September 16, 2016 [Center News Story]

This week, House Republicans advanced the Financial CHOICE Act through the House Financial …

Center Comments on ISS Policy Survey Highlight Concerns With One-Size-Fits-All Use of Financial Metrics

September 2, 2016 [Center News Story]

The Center On Executive Compensation filed comments with ISS on August 30 in response to the …

Overemphasis on TSR as a Performance Metric Pits ISS Against Clinton, Blackrock on Short-Termism

September 2, 2016 [Center News Story]

As the ISS policy survey comment period wound down last month asking whether it should …