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In 2012, 130 S&P 500 companies received a year-over-year change in SOP support of over 10 percentage points. In 2013, there were 107 companies. In 2014, there were 90.

According to Center Research, in 2014, not a single S&P 500 company with CEO Pay Summary Compensation Table Total Pay under $10M failed to receive majority say on pay support.

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SEC to Vote on Proposed Rule Implementing Dodd-Frank Clawback Requirement July 1

June 26, 2015 [Center News Story]

As many had predicted, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will meet next week to …

Wall Street Journal-Hay Group Survey Reports Broad Pay for Performance Alignment in 2014

June 26, 2015 [Center News Story]

This week, the Wall Street Journal released the full results of its annual executive …

Vanguard CEO on the Importance of Engagement: "Proxy Voting is Not Poker"

June 26, 2015 [Center News Story]

In a recent speech, Vanguard CEO F. William McNabb III discussed the importance of director …

A Majority of Large Companies in the US, Globally Now Link Some Executive Compensation to Environmental Factors

June 26, 2015 [Center News Story]

Newsweek recently released its annual assessment of the linkage between executive …

SEC Commissioner Gallagher Laments SEC Role in Favoring Certain Types of Shareholder Activism

June 26, 2015 [Center News Story]

Comparing the erosion of the SEC's responsibilities as prudent groundskeeper of the capital …

Annual Economic Policy Institute CEO Pay Critique Decries Rise in Income Inequality, Rips Market for CEO Talent

June 26, 2015 [Center News Story]

Liberal think tank Economic Policy Institute (EPI) recently released its annual CEO pay …