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Rubio Bill Limiting Buybacks Draws Republican Resistance, as Washington Post Urges Avoidance of "Regulatory Sledgehammer"

February 16, 2019 [Center News Story]

A week after Senate Democrats announced a bill targeting stock buybacks, Senator Marco …

Arjuna Capital Announces "Median Gender Pay Gap" Campaign Targets

February 16, 2019 [Center News Story]

Following Citigroup's January announcement of its 29% "median gender pay gap" in response to …

Disney Fights Back on Proposal Seeking to Link Cybersecurity Metrics to Proposal

February 16, 2019 [Center News Story]

Disney is asking shareholders to vote against a proposal by gadfly investor James McRitchie …

Nasdaq Proxy Process Comment Letter to SEC Attracts Hundreds of Signatories; Roisman to Lead SEC Effort

February 16, 2019 [Center News Story]

Urging the Securities and Exchange Commission to act on proxy advisory firms and …

Center Survey Explores Changes in Compensation Practices for 2018-19

February 9, 2019 [Center News Story]

The Center conducted its annual survey on changes in compensation practice from January 17 …

Bills Mandating Board Diversity Disclosures Introduced in Congress

February 9, 2019 [Center News Story]

Making good on a promise made on day one of the 116th Congress, Congressional Democrats led …