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Lobbying and Political Spending Disclosure Shareholder proposals remain the most popular ESG proposal among S&P 500 companies.

In 2015, 40 S&P 500 companies, close to 9% of companies, saw shareholder support for their say on pay proposals swing more than 20 percentage points.

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Center Opposes Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Language Included in Senate Finance Tax Reform Bill

November 11, 2017 [Center News Story]

As previously indicated, in response to the advocacy of the Center On Executive Compensation …

Center Annual Meeting Explores Governance Threats and Opportunities, Including Pay Ratio, Simplification and ESG Issues

November 11, 2017 [Center News Story]

The Center On Executive Compensation held its 2017 Annual Meeting on November 9 amidst an …

Directors Split With Investors on ESG Issues, Gender Diversity, Says New Survey

November 11, 2017 [Center News Story]

Corporate directors of US companies are "out of step" with institutional investors on a …

Center Publishes Template for Drafting Pay Ratio Proxy Disclosures

November 4, 2017 [Center News Story]

With pay ratio compliance coming soon for companies with annual meeting dates in the first …

Senate Banking Committee Sends SEC Commissioner Nominees to Full Senate

November 4, 2017 [Center News Story]

The Senate Banking Committee unanimously approved President Trump's nominees for the two …

House GOP Tax Bill Repeals Performance-Based Pay Exception, Severely Limits Options, Ends 409A

November 4, 2017 [Center News Story]

After much anticipation and several delays, the House GOP unveiled its comprehensive tax …